We're Problem Solvers

We search for the best solutions to problems facing our world.

A better world is possible. A world that is safe, peaceful and kind. A world with robust economic systems that create opportunities for all to use their gifts and talents in service to humanity. A world that is welcoming and works for everyone.


The state of our nation today demands the swift implementation of new solutions that address the highly visible conflict between police officers and formerly incarcerated persons.


Our work reaches veterans who are seeking to readjust to life after serving in combat overseas.


Theater for Humanity serves individuals with mental illness and substance abuse concerns. 


We partner with law enforcement to work with the homeless population and lead them back to a sustainable health life.

We Design Solutions to Problems Causing Violence in our Communities

Theater for Humanity’s work extends to creating policy solutions that can be implemented in local communities globally. We design actionable solutions to the most pressing issues facing community-police relations while also working on the issues within each respective community.


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